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The Real versus the Counterfeit

Below is a table of subjects of the "real" (left column) compared with the equivalent "counterfeit" (right column).

YHVH's Law
Writen on a Man's Heart
Preamble/Constitution/Bill of Rights
Positive Law
Common Law (Ten Commandments)
Criminal Law
Prisoner by Law
Injured Party/Damaged Property
Man (male and female)
Man (male and female)
Corporeal (real body)
Endowed by Creator
Created the Law
Primary State Citizen (9th)
Federal non-resident
Federal alien
YHVH is Sovereign
Man Endowed with Rights
Government is Servant
Free Man (not in servitude)
Certain Unchangeable Rights
Unalienable Rights
Rights Cannot Be Revoked
Rights and Immunities
Right to Contract
Federal Non-taxpayer
Compensation (equal exchange)
Wages are Compensation
Time is Private Property
Right to Work
Crime (cannot do unlawful act)
Title (Man Owns)
Bill of Sale
Allodial Land
Church; see (508(c)(1)(A))
Real Money (Intrinsic Worth)
Not Subject to Public Debt
There is no Public Debt
YHVH is Head Party
Sovereign Man (King's Rights)
Lawful Authority
Lawful Office

Man-made Statutes
Writen on Paper
11th-26th Amendments/UCC
Statutes (Color of Law)
Prima Facie Law
Penal Code, Political Code
Criminal Code
Political Prisoner
No Injured Party or Damage
Person (persona, mask, actor)
Human (means "color of man")
Incorporate (made like a body)
Privileged by Statutes
Created by Statute
United States citizen (14th)
Federal resident
Federal citizen
Government is the Sovereign
Person Granted Privileges
Person/Corporation is Servant
Voluntary Servitude
Uncertain Changeable Statutes
License, Privilege
Revokable Privileges
Privileges and Duties
Limited Liabilities (Insurance)
Contracted Rights Away
Mandatory, Must, Shall
Federal Taxpayer
Income, Profit, Gain (unequal exchange)
Wages Treated as Income
Time is Government Property
Income Tax
Social Security
Permission to Engage in Commerce
License (permission to do unlawful act)
Use, Operate
Motor Vehicle, Vehicle
Certificate of Title (State Owns)
Feudal Property
Religious Organization (501(c)(3))
Commercial Paper (Worthless)
Surety for Public Debt
Cannot Question Public Debt (14th)
Government is Third Party
Human Resource (King's Slave)
Quasi, Colorable (Looks Real)
Color of Authority
Color of Office

So Be It
Bruce Craig, Director and Pastor

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