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Man or Human

It is common usage to believe that "human" or "human being" means the same as "man" or "mankind." Further, the common usage is that "man" does not include "woman" and visa versa. This belief has lead to the "women's lib" movement and to the popular usage of "person" in place of "man" for such terms as "chairperson," etc. However, common usage and popular opinion do not the law make (they may lead to commercial statutes, but such commercial  statutes are not the law). "Human" is not what most people think it is (their opinion); let's inspect the law.

The word "human" is from the Greek combining the words "hue" and "man." "Hue" means "color." "Hue-man" means "color of man." What is the implication and background of this usage? First, let's inspect what "color" means in law.

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